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Livia Gygax

Digitalisation Meets Sustainability

    3rd Apéro Philo Session:
    Digitalisation Meets Sustainability –
    02. November 2023 at 5-6 pm, Zurich Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development ZKSD. The Apéro Philo Series events are regular gatherings for those who are interested in digital ethics to meet and discuss pressing issues related to digitalization, innovations, and society in a systematic and argumentative way.

    Cities in the Age of AI: Digital Twins, or Digital Fiends?

      Zurich 26 October 2023 –

      As urbanization accelerates, digital and AI innovations hold immense potential for city transformation, but alongside inherent risks. Join us to explore the digital and AI revolution shaping our cities, uncover the pros and cons, discuss ethical considerations, and unlock the potential of a sustainable urban future.